Latest visiting guidance

March 1, 2023

Ordinarily, there should be no restrictions to the frequency or length of visits or outings, unless there is a coronavirus (COVID-19) or other infectious outbreak within the home or any other issue.

During outbreaks, the local Health Protection Team might advise that there’s need for a pause on routine visiting.

People living in care homes should still be able to see their named visitors. Essential visits for circumstances such as end-of-life or distress for the resident or relative should always be supported.

As a relative or friend of a care home resident, when there is no outbreak in the care home, you can:

  • visit with other people, although numbers may be limited by room size
  • visit your loved one in their room without the need for either of you to wear a face covering or physically distance
  • hug and kiss the person you are visiting, recognising that there are still some risks of spreading coronavirus
  • help with personal care tasks – please discuss this with the care home first who will advise on infection prevention and control measures
  • organise day trips and outings or have your loved one to stay over
  • bring children or babies to the care home
  • organise with the care home to bring pets

Want to know more?

Want to know more?

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